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An exciting career in counter-eavesdropping

FCDO Services’ award winning apprenticeship scheme has launched for 2021.

The Technical Engineering apprenticeship has a wide range of opportunities, including working inside UK NACE.

Our apprentices can work across a number of different disciplines, including digital solutions, technical security and preventing technical eavesdropping attacks.

Our apprentices get to experience the incredible work of countering technical-espionage first hand. There’s a fantastic training programme available and you’ll be able to say you’re playing a key role protecting the UK and its partners around the world.

Director, UK NACE

Two UK NACE technical officers recently shared their experiences of starting out as apprentices.

Speaking at the MK Innovates STEM Festival earlier this year, Chris said, “I could not write you a job description for the perfect UK NACE officer because there’s no such thing, considering the wide variety of skills our work requires. We need people from such a diverse range of backgrounds with a diverse range of skills.”

Ready to open up all kinds of possibilities for your future? Find details of how to apply for our Engineering Technician Apprenticeship.

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