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About us

Providing secure services to government departments worldwide

FCDO Services provides a range of integrated, secure services worldwide to support diplomacy, development and defence for the UK government. We also offer services and expert advice to foreign governments and international organisations closely linked to the UK.

We are a trading fund of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) that operates in over 250 destinations across 168 countries.

We are trusted, agile and global:

  • trusted to keep nationally important assets safe
  • agile in crisis response and developing bespoke solutions
  • global in our operations, working worldwide

With over 80 years’ experience in technical security, we are home to UK NACE, the National Technical Authority in technical security.

We aim to exceed customer expectations, by understanding our customers’ requirements, interpreting their security needs and delivering services that produce effective public value. Our customer service ethos is built on a commitment to being reliable and responsive and forging strong client relationships.

Annual report

See our latest annual report to learn more about our vision, how we performed in the last financial year and our highlights. Every year, we present our annual report and accounts to Parliament.

Further links

  • Our history

    Ever since 1199, we’ve served kings, queens and governments with vital services using innovative technology

  • Our people

    Our people are experts in their field, performing cutting-edge work across a range of technical disciplines

Meet our regions

  • Asia-Pacific

    Our work in the Asia-Pacific is led by our Head of Region

  • The Americas

    Our work in the Americas is led by our Head of Region

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