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Celebrating Diversity

This year we held our World Day for Cultural Diversity event on 11 June, as the day itself fell within Ramadan. Not wanting colleagues who observe Ramadan to miss out on all the fun, our BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) committee decided to delay it by a couple of weeks.

The event has been a great success. Over 200 colleagues attended the event at our main site, Hanslope Park, learning about the different cultures represented in our organisation.

Our celebration represented a range of cultures in several different ways. There was a huge spread of sweet and savoury dishes from around the world, which were quickly devoured by attendees. Personal stories and displays provided more in depth information about cultural heritage. Several colleagues dressed in cultural outfits, and everyone listened to some vibrant worldwide music.

Many people enjoyed the culture quiz, with the answers hidden in the displays around the room. This included some fun facts that you probably didn’t know.

Did you know that croissants come from Austria?

Did you know that there is a tradition in China that brides cry for a month before their wedding?