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Delivering the FCDO’s global IT overhaul

Project: Tech Overhaul deployment
Customer: KTD, FCDO
Location: Worldwide

The FCDO’s IT vision is to enable staff across the global network to be the best diplomatic service in the world by providing reliable and easy to use technology across its global network, enable mobile and flexible working, and providing customer interaction which is digital by default.

In 2017 it started to deliver this vision through an IT transformation programme which involves approximately 18,500 devices in more than 255 locations worldwide. FCDO Services were asked to provide the hardware deployment.  This included delivering Windows 10 laptops, desktops and secure smartphones, with the latest software and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

I couldn’t be more grateful, or speak more positively, about the FCDO Services Tech Overhaul deployment team, and their critical role in ensuring the overall device deployment has so far gone well. Working seamlessly with their KTD colleagues, feedback from across the network has only confirmed my own view that this has been a triumph. The deployment teams deserve real credit and congratulations not only for what they are achieving, but how they are achieving it. Flexible, proactive, resilient, user first. Outstanding work. Well done and keep it up!

Chief Information Officer, Knowledge and Technology Directorate, FCDO

A successful pilot project in Europe was followed by continuous service improvements that enabled a full-scale global roll-out of the transformation programme.

So far, we have deployed more than 12,000 Window 10 laptops and moved more than 30,000 items of supporting infrastructure globally, meeting high expectations on equipment performance and installation. Users are already benefiting from systems that have greater speed, stability and reliability. They can also now work more flexibly whether that be on the road, home or office.