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Drainage works at the High Commission in St. George’s

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) discovered drainage and sewerage issues at its estate in Grenada.

In December 2020, the FCDO found out that a drainage issue impacting its St. George’s estate was also affecting nearby properties. Given the severity of the issue, an immediate fix was needed.

They appointed FCDO Services to deliver a solution for them. We worked swiftly to provide a tailored approach and design solution that aligned to Post’s need. A new septic tank and storm drainage system was needed to resolve the drainage problem.

What the project involved

Our project manager worked closely with local design engineers to ensure they understood the project requirements. All the designs were then reviewed by our experts to confirm they were suitable for construction.

The storm drain design was light on detail initially, so we got one of our FCDO Services engineers to collaborate with the local engineer to ensure the designs captured the requirements successfully. Once approved, we ran a tender exercise and successfully commissioned a local construction company to deliver the new drainage system.

While the work was carried out on site, FCDO Services oversaw and quality assured the project. We held weekly virtual site meetings on Microsoft Teams with the engineers to inspect the work and deal with any issues.

Good communication key to success

These works were delivered by in-region project management staff in the Americas. This not only reduced travel costs, but also meant that the project team benefited from operating in the same time zone.

FCDO Services led regular stakeholder meetings to update them on progress throughout the project. Managed by our project manager, the design engineers also carried out regular site visits to confirm that the construction work was completed correctly.

Through ongoing and regular communication, the team ensured the works were delivered on time and to specification.

Two-phase project

The work was completed in two six-week phases. While we had unavoidable delays due to the pandemic, the first phase commenced in April 2021. This included the construction of the septic tank. The second phase, started in November 2021 and involved the construction of the storm drain.

In December 2021, the project was finally signed off following a site visit by our project manager and the locally based design engineer, to complete customer satisfaction.

“FCDO Services did a great job. The installation has been very effective and has solved the original issue, ensuring our property no longer impacts on our neighbour’s premises. The team on-site were respectful and adhered to our rules and policies, particularly our Health and Safety guidance.”

Office Manager, British High Commission St George’s