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FCDO Services: Our 2022-25 strategic vision

As a trusted government partner, FCDO Services is committed to delivering secure services that protect national security and assets across His Majesty’s Government (HMG). Our strategy sets out our overarching vision and guides our activities to help us safeguard HMG.  

Throughout 2022/23, FCDO Services built stronger relationships with its customers including our partners at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), implementing change programmes and refocusing the business to meet growing needs.

Following this expansive year, we have developed a new strategy looking ahead to 2025 prioritising three key areas: 

  • Being the provider of choice for the FCDO and our HMG partners  
  • Improving our ease of business
  • Ensuring security at the heart of our organisation  

Our priorities

Our 2022-25 strategy adopts a new overarching ambition to modernise, consolidate and streamline our secure services.

This will support the development of a sustainable portfolio of work across our customer’s business areas and increase our competitiveness.   

Provider of choice

Our objective is to become the provider of choice for strategic secure services for the FCDO and HMG partners.

We will focus on our main products and services, including Secure Logistics, UK NACE and our Digital Sensitivity Review Service.

By creating a product portfolio based on what we do best, as well as concentrating on repeatable services and customer priorities, our customers will be more confident in our capacity and capability to deliver.  

Security at the heart

Security is at the core of FCDO Services. As a secure organisation, we continuously challenge how we can deliver cutting edge solutions and manage our customer’s data and platforms.

Our new strategy will see us continuing to invest in vital secure services, such as Cloud hybridisation, Microsoft 365 and more to strengthen our reputation for secure capability across HMG. 

Ease of business

To offer the best customer experience for secure services, we will improve our operational efficiencies through our ‘Productivity and Continuous Improvement’ programme.

Offering an efficient, more sustainable, transparent and collaborative service, it will improve our overseas flexibility, securing FCDO Services as the provider of choice for HMG and other partners. 

Our people

Without the dedication and hard work of our staff, our global operation would not be possible. Their expertise, resilience and commitment deliver our vision, preserving our position as a trusted government partner, agile in deployment and global in scale.  

Our people offer is crucial to recruiting and retaining the right talent for the organisation. Supported by FCDO Services, our staff are encouraged to develop professional, technical and engineering capability and capacity. We will build a culture that promotes innovation and optimises performance.

As an organisation, we are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce, working closely with our staff to achieve this. The creation of an inclusive culture supports our global operation for the FCDO, HMG and our partners with the resilience and capability to respond effectively.  

With the support of our people and through our strategy, FCDO Services can develop a modern, consolidated and streamlined global operation. This enables us to remain a provider of choice with security at the heart of what we do for HMG and global partners.

2022/23 was a year of building stronger partnerships with the FCDO and core customers across government. Our new strategy focuses on driving organisational excellence and refocusing business strategy to meet our customers’ needs.”
Mike Astell, CEO, FCDO Services