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From horse to plane, celebrating our Queen’s Messengers

With a history dating over 800 years, from medieval times to today’s digital age our Queen’s Messengers continue to serve a critical role – delivering information around the world with their safe hands.

On 9 October we held an event to recognise the historical dedication of our current and retired Queen’s Messengers. With the first record of Royal Messengers dating back to 1199 in the reign of King John, their trials and tribulations throughout the ages was a magnificent story to tell.

FCDO Services Chief Executive, Danny Payne said:

“Discretion, courage and determination, are attributes that have served Royal Messengers throughout the ages, not to mention a bit of quick thinking.

“It is these steadfast, resilient traits that are required in today’s contingent of Queen’s Messengers racing across time zones and travelling 250,000 miles each per year. Today they remain critical to our diplomatic efforts.”

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson joined our event, meeting serving and retired Queen’s Messengers.