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Modernising our delivery fleet

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our people and our customers. To mark National Health and Safety Month, we highlight recent improvements made to our delivery fleet which support this assurance.

Side loading trailer

Much of our Accompanied Diplomatic Bag Service in Europe is transported by road.  Delivery options for embassies vary from location to location.

Taking this into consideration, we made improvements to our loading methodology which makes the process easier, safer and more efficient. This included the arrival of a custom-made trailer with fully retractable sides.

The new trailer is both longer and wider than the current fleet, and the trailer specification also allows us to transport larger loads in excess of 2,000 kg and dimensions of more than three metres in length and width. The first delivery using the new trailer was a full sized airport x-ray machine, an item we previously had to transport by air or send dismantled to be put together upon arrival.

The new loading methodology also means that the whole delivery requires little to no manual handling. This not only makes loading and unloading faster but also reduces the risk of injury to the loading teams and drivers.