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Supporting the MoD in Sierra Leone

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has teams situated around the world, including the International Security Advisory Team (ISAT) stationed in Sierra Leone.

In 2018 several devices supplied to ISAT by FCDO Services failed from the extreme heat and humidity. They needed replacing due to significant damage including melted screens.

Key to their important work around the world, it was crucial to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Going the extra mile

Comments from my colleagues have universally been of enormous praise for your professionalism, adaptability, expertise and flexibility.

Will Smyth, Chief of Staff, ISAT

Normally, new devices would be sent overseas and our IT team would be able to connect to them from our base at Hanslope Park to set up the software remotely. However, the exceptionally slow internet speed at the Freetown compound makes remoting in from the UK to work on PC issues difficult, if not virtually impossible.

In this case, a site visit was paramount to ensure all device and IT issues could be addressed properly in the shortest time available. We deployed a team to take a batch of refurbished laptops out to the compound, in order to get them back up and running to full capacity.

Our End User Computer Lead, along with colleagues based at Hanslope Park, successfully completed the instalment of the new devices during their five day visit to Sierra Leone. This allowed ISAT to continue their vital work without interruption.