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Supporting the UK’s new air defence missile system

Sky Sabre is the UK’s programme to build a Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) missile system.

Described as “a truly integrated air defence system”, Sky Sabre will enable British forces to identify and engage targets at much greater distance than its predecessor. It also offers unprecedented speed, precision and reliability.

A critical part of the UK’s air defence programme, Sky Sabre is high profile for the RAF due to its size, scale and the enhancements in technology.

Security upgrade

Part of the project required a technical and security upgrade of training rooms at Baker Barracks on Thorney Island in West Sussex. These areas were needed to provide a secure environment to train personnel on the new GBAD equipment.

The RAF approached FCDO Services to carry out the work. The Ministry of Defence’s Joint Sensor and Engagement Networks appointed us as principal designer and contractor.

FCDO Services provided a complete service. We designed, built, supplied and installed the training areas, providing a solution that was fully operational. We supplied design documentation, construction services and technical oversight of the architectural, mechanical and electrical fit-out. We also took care of procuring subcontractors and supplying security hardware.

Meeting customer needs

Without FCDO Services’ involvement in the Sky Sabre Programme the required secure training facility would not have been delivered in time. The success of this Programme hinged on the ability of FCDO Services to deliver the complete infrastructure solution; the end result is a cutting edge facility underpinning a transformational capability.

Lieutenant Colonel, HQ Air Command

The installation was designed to protect against both technical and acoustic attack and intrusion and was uniquely created to the customer’s specific requirements. Our extensive experience in delivering secure speech environments enabled us to work efficiently and innovatively and create a solution that was well received by our customer.

We successfully completed the project on time and within budget in May 2019.