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Tackling Cyber Security

It’s European Cyber Security month. Did you know that FCDO Services is home to the UK’s National Authority for Technical Security (UK NACE)? We take a technical security approach, focused on tackling potential vulnerabilities in digital devices.

UK NACE regularly runs Tempest Fundamentals courses on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). These courses help individuals in government understand and manage the level of unintentional signals emanating from ICT equipment which may give away sensitive data.

It is crucial that the relevant risks and vulnerabilities are understood by those who deal with sensitive data. If the correct countermeasures are not put in place when handling sensitive data, ICT systems can unintentionally transmit information which can be intercepted by hostile actors.

UK NACE and NCSC work closely alongside each other, in their capacity as two of the three National Technical Authorities. Along with the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), they have been given a mandate by the UK Cabinet Office to provide expert advice to government departments and UK industry. Their objective is to help protect UK assets and critical national infrastructure.