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Our innovation team

Creating new solutions to unique problems

Our Innovation team have been designing and developing new secure systems for governments across the world for over 70 years. Ground breaking innovations and discoveries are at the core of what we do.

We start with a customer problem or challenge, and then develop a bespoke, flexible solution to meet varied and complex requirements.

Having the right people in our team makes all the difference. Experts from across our organisation collaborate to solve problems that cannot be fixed using existing products or services.

We sustain strong relationships with all our customers and stakeholders, that are mutually beneficial.

Our services

  • Designing new solutions

    Designing and developing customer centric products and services

  • Helping people generate ideas

    Setting up and running ideas generation platforms and projects

  • Identifying new market spaces

    Analysing trends and market disruptions, and searching for emerging new solutions

  • Manufacturing products

    Prototype and manufacture products in our own in house production facility

  • Supporting best practices

    Adopting industry best practice methodologies and standards in our development work

  • Developing skills

    Training company personnel on the skills they need, and developing co-creative spaces and projects

We don’t expect anyone to know exactly what they want from day one. If you haven’t created requirements, we will build them together. At every stage, we bring our experience of working on secure government sites and projects to security, logistics, estate and technical problems.

Being part of government means that we can more effectively partner to find solutions. Our work is collaborative and we make sure you are involved in the process at each stage.

Our experts use a combination of traditional development cycles, as well as Agile methodologies. We work on projects of all sizes, from a couple of weeks to several years.

Huge experience in designing, prototyping and building products for governments over many years ensures we meet rigorous assurance and governance standards including accredited to ISO 9001.

Our expertise:

We have extensive expertise in secure systems, including:

  • acoustic analysis
  • data analysis and management
  • cloud hosting and secure networks
  • radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis
  • procurement and partner management
  • PCB design
  • electronics and firmware
  • metal, wood, technical and locksmith capability

Using AI to process digital records

We created a system to improve the efficiency of reviewing digital government documents before they’re made public.

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