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Four months in: our apprentices experiences

In 2023, FCDO Services welcomed 33 apprentices across 12 schemes. They follow in the footsteps of hundreds of apprentices over 60 years. With schemes including project management and data science, our apprenticeship programme has continued to expand from its humble beginnings, as a technical training school in the 1960’s.

Our new intake of apprentices have now settled in and began exploring everything that FCDO Services has to offer.

As a government organisation providing a range of services, with the highest levels of security to UK and overseas government agencies, we’re a unique and exciting place to work.

We asked our apprentices to reflect on their first four months within our organisation. Continue on to hear what they had to say…

Project Management Apprentice

“I’m really enjoying the apprenticeship scheme so far – this has been possible due to the amount of support I’ve been given from colleagues and my line manager. Everyone is always so happy for me to shadow them and ask questions.

The support from everyone has been by far amazing – even down to the university support. I am looking forward to starting my corporate placements. As well as the opportunity to gain skills and networks with colleagues.”

Data Science Apprentice

“I’ve loved it here and everyone is so friendly! I have been completing my required learning and university work. And spending time with different departments, like the Service desk where I will be learning about data centres soon.

It’s been better than I expected and the support I have been given is great. My manager has been amazing, teaching me new things and helping me understand how the business works.

With my additional needs, I sometimes struggle to understand and take things too literally. Everyone has been understanding and have explained things to me when I’ve needed it. I’m looking forward to working with even larger data sets soon, and learning how to present data in a way that can be understood by everyone.”

Business Administration Apprentice

“From the beginning of my apprenticeship, I have been exposed to a very unique and exciting world of work. Especially compared to what I’ve been used to in the past and from any other apprenticeship.

I have built a foundation of skills that will help me progress my career further here. I have improved my skills and learnt how to keep track of tasks and work with my colleagues. I’ve also discovered how our organisation operates, ensuring it can deliver to a high standard.

I can only look forward to learning more at FCDO Services and taking advantage of the opportunities they have in store for me.”

Data Analyst Apprentice

“I’ve really enjoyed the first few months of my apprenticeship, I was able to get stuck in and assist my team in a campaign. I learned a lot and I’m glad that I was able to make a contribution so early on in my role.

I’m most looking forward to the moment that I’m able to apply the skills and knowledge that I am learning to my work. My experience has been great and I’m grateful that everyone in my team, department and overall workplace has been kind and welcoming!”

Technical Engineering Apprentice

“I am enjoying the variety of the scheme, but it’s not easy being a more mature student. The last time I had to apply myself in an educational setting was over 20 years ago.

Fortunately I’ve been part of a great group. There’s always someone to help and support you, and we’ve developed a good sense of team. We all help each other out where we can and regularly do things together outside of work, which I enjoy.

For me the most interesting thing so far is the electrical work. It’s something I’ve dabbled in at home with amateur DIY, but it’s good to be learning the fundamentals and how to make circuits and test them.

The opportunities to travel in the role and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help across the globe is what excites me and is something I’m very much looking forward to.”

Discover even more about our apprenticeship schemes and life at FCDO Services today.

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