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State-of-the-art embassy for Bangkok

When the Foreign Office acquired new modern premises for the British Embassy in Thailand, it engaged FCDO Services as principal contractor to make the building operational and secure.

The new embassy was in a modern tower block, spread across 3 floors. Our Professional Services team designed the space in a full 3D model prior to construction, to make sure we overcame all design challenges.

We then supplied and fitted the technical systems across all 3 floors, and entirely fitted out one floor.

Secure solution

Essential to making the new embassy operational was getting the security right. Our team from the UK National Authority for Counter-Eavesdropping (UK NACE) provided overall security input and supervision.

To ensure the Foreign Office could be confident in the security of its new embassy, we deployed a rotating team of technical security specialists. These specialists were on site at all times throughout the project.

Our logistics team shipped over 60 tonnes of kit via our Diplomatic Bag Service. Over two thirds of this was escorted, meaning it was never left unguarded or out of sight of our couriers.

We flew out our security-cleared technical team to install the security system. This was one of their single largest technical fit-outs, covering over 3,000m² of office space.

Balancing needs

Throughout the project, we consulted all invested parties. The embassy needed to satisfy the needs of both the Foreign Office and other partners across government.

The personal skills, experience and professionalism of FCDO Services enabled the team to overcome each obstacle and complete the secure-zone fit-out with minimum fuss and to a very high standard.

Programme Director, Bangkok, Estates and Security Department, FCDO

Along with meeting security specifications, we balanced the project requirements with the restrictions of the landlord’s design philosophy and the limitations of a multi-occupancy building. In this way, we met all required standards and maintained a good relationship with the landlord.

On request, a team from FCDO Services travelled out to Bangkok to support the Foreign Office with the final stages of the project in May 2020.