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UK NACE Operations

We protect against technical espionage and prevent organisations’ information and premises from compromise

For the past 75 years, we’ve worked closely with UK government departments and Friendly Foreign Governments to protect high-classification information assets from technical attack.

Our highly skilled technical security officers carry out a wide range of specialist technical work for the UK government and partners, both in the UK and overseas.

The increasing sophistication of physical, electronic and cyber-attacks can threaten even the most protected organisations.

Our globally experienced and security-cleared experts provide the highest standards of technical security assurance.

We help organisations manage the risk of technical attack and provide assurance that assets are protected.

We focus on three areas of technical security:

  • technical surveillance countermeasures
  • in-place monitoring systems
  • site security management

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

We assess the vulnerability and risk of protectively marked assets. We take a holistic assessment of everything than can be compromised during a technical attack.

Our specialist staff help asset owners to develop strategies to mitigate technical security vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of compromise.

In-place monitoring systems (IPMS)

We monitor existing systems and work on developing new protective countermeasures to mitigate the effect of technological changes in the workplace.

The rise of mobile technology and the Internet of Things provides new challenges. We’re committed to developing future solutions, and we take an innovative approach to problem-solving.

Site security management

Our Technical Security Oversight Officers (TSOOs) are experts that provide clients with the assurance that their secure facilities are fit for purpose.

The most vulnerable time for a facility to be compromised is during construction or refurbishment. Our site security managers are trained to identify any unusual activity that may occur on a secure construction site.

Working with us

Our staff are vetted, highly trained and professionally qualified with a huge wealth of experience.

We have local knowledge on a global scale. We adapt our solutions to fit the local environment and work in partnership with customers to deliver the solutions they need.