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Professional managed services

We manage skill, maturity and capability risks in your organisation, allowing you to focus on business objectives and outcomes


  • Fast start

    We have a dedicated on boarding service, so we can mobilise teams and start working within 10 days

  • Elimination of recruitment processes

    This frees you from CV sifts and interviews, reducing cost-to-hire and time-to-hire by 35%

  • Standardised rates

    Greater control of resourcing costs, so you can budget for the long term

  • Improved quality

    We refine and measure outputs in line with the recognised and benchmarked skills framework (SFIA, DDaT, ITIL, PDCF)

  • Real-time progress reporting of outputs

    Replacing timesheets with a delivery KPI system that measures performance and productivity

  • IR35 compliant

    We use a recognised IR35 compliant managed service model

It’s difficult to find the skills, experience and subject matter experts required to deliver digital transformation objectives at pace using traditional management and hiring practices. We offer several capabilities and competencies as a service, so that you can achieve a quick, efficient outcome.

Several things can affect the speed, quality and cost of digital projects, such as:

  • lack of expertise
  • a hiring process that focuses on earning value for business outcomes
  • dealing with requirements for multiple co-dependent projects
  • IR35 legislation transferring risk and associated costs to the department

Our experts will work alongside your teams to keep the project focused and avoid delays and increased costs.

How Professional managed services works

We can support the following capabilities in your organisation.

Project and Delivery Management as a Service

We’ll manage your projects and programmes, or organisational wholesale resource capability in the field of project management. We use agile, waterfall and appropriate hybrid models, depending on what you need. Our team can give advice or provide hands on project management – or a combination of the two – to help you decide the best way to complete your projects.

PMO as a Service

We will support and develop your Project Management Office (PMO) processes and maturity. We align our work to a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model to ensure portfolio control. We’ll also provide project and delivery office configuration models for you to use.

Our team can give advice or provide this work ourselves – or a combination of the two – to help you decide the best way to complete your projects.

Procurement as a Service

We use our CIPS accredited approach to establish focused Dynamic procurement services. We will:

  • establish new frameworks for you to use, learn from and develop, or simply tie into existing ones
  • run competitive tenders and develop contracts in the field of supplier management
  • ensure delivery against contract with Operational Vendor management

Architecture as a Service

We’ll help you develop architecture management principles based on enterprise architecture modelling and maturity processes. Our team can give advice or provide this work ourselves – or a combination of the two – to help you decide the best way to complete your projects.

Delivery options

We can support you to meet a known capability gap or requirement. We also support larger projects and programmes where there isn’t a clearly defined problem or objective, and you need additional expertise to define your requirements.


Our default service is based on a known capability gap or  maturity requirement. We’ll work with you to understand what you need, and then issue a proposal. All our pricing will follow the SFIA pricing guide for professional managed services.


Variations on the default service will apply if you have broader requirements or need advice. Where this is the case, we’ll work with you to discover the appropriate requirements and mutually agree next steps or Alpha options.

Before starting work, we’ll produce a discovery phase proposal and all our pricing follows the SFIA pricing guide for professional managed services.

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