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Europe and Central Asia

Our regional structure ensures that our global operations are responsive, flexible and built on local knowledge

Our experienced team based in Europe is here to assist with security, property, IT or logistics work. If you need support, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All our regions are set up to provide the best service to you. Our customer service ethos is built on a commitment to being reliable and responsive and forging strong client relationships.

Like every region, we have a hub where our senior regional management team are based. For Europe and Central Asia, this is at our UK offices in London and Hanslope Park.

We also have technical officers based in British diplomatic missions around the region, as well as a number located in the UK. Having this coverage means that we can support our customers efficiently and respond quickly. Even if our officers are needed in a location where they are not based, they can be there in a matter of hours.

Our technical officers have a broad skillset, so they can provide a high quality service and respond effectively to a wide range of issues and challenges.

We work closely with departments based in the UK to ensure that centrally delivered projects in our region are completed efficiently. Our teams in the UK include architects, interior designers, surveyors, project managers and technicians with extensive experience on government projects.

Our team share your values, understand your problems and are proud to be there to support you

Europe and Central Asia Head of Region

Our work in this region is led by Vicki Beynon.

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To discuss how we can help your organisation, talk to our regional team.

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  • Time zone

    Having management and specialists based in the region puts us in a similar time zone and location to you

  • Experience

    We understand the challenges you face and how things operate at overseas posts

  • Responsiveness

    We can respond quickly to your needs and crises

  • Decision-making

    Having our head of region based in the UK means quick decisions can be made in the region

  • Point of contact

    You have a point of contact that is local to you

Our service to you

We build and maintain security infrastructure, communications systems, and estates in the region and manage logistics for posts including Diplomatic Bag Services.

We work on a wide range of projects, from technical fit-outs for entire embassies to crisis response and small works.

From logistics to seismic strengthening, security systems to IT, we offer a huge range of global services that put security first. As part of UK government, we understand the needs of government departments and can work together to find the right solution.

  • Secure logistics

    We deliver material securely around the world

  • Secure speech rooms

    We design and install secure conference rooms into your property