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Secure speech environments

Protecting sensitive discussions within your own building


  • Bespoke design

  • End-to-end service

  • UK NACE testing

We use our expertise in government technical security to design a secure speech environment for you.

Secure conference rooms allow you to have sensitive discussions within your own building – safe from technical and acoustic attack. These rooms are constructed within existing spaces, and prevent hostile agents from eavesdropping conversations.

Our secure conference rooms use an acoustic base developed by our in-house teams, who are experts in government technical security. Our experts provide an end-to-end service – from developing requirements to testing the room once it’s built.

We know that each secure conference room has a specific purpose, so each room we construct is unique.

To allow for easy transport and installation, our conference rooms have a modular design that mean they can be flat packed. They are constructed on site, which we recommend is done by our experienced installers.

How secure conference rooms work

We have a range of secure conference room styles depending on what they will be used for. Our experts will work with you to make sure you have the right product to keep your work safe. These are:

Once we’ve identified the style of secure conference room that you need, we’ll design the room to fit your space. We make sure that space isn’t wasted, and it fits the exact requirements of the area.


We quality check all parts of the secure conference room before packaging it to be delivered to your property. We can deliver the room securely to you using our own secure logistics service, so that you can be confident it has not been compromised during delivery.

Our rooms are delivered as flat pack, and are then constructed inside your space. Our installers are extremely experienced at working in and with secure environments, and will consider essential security in the space while constructing the room.


We’re home to UK NACE, the National Technical Authority for technical security, and their teams will assess the performance of our secure conference rooms when they’re built.

Our acoustic rooms are not set up to ensure zero decibels emit from the room. Instead, we adjust the set up of each room depending on the surrounding environment to make sure that they are safe to the maximum vocal effort – meaning that the words spoken inside cannot be understood outside.

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