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An amazing organisation and Amazing Apprenticeships!

On 9 June 2023, FCDO Services and UK NACE welcomed Amazing Apprenticeships CEO Dr Anna Morrison CBE for a tour of our Hanslope Park headquarters, near Milton Keynes. We showcased our brilliant apprenticeship schemes and gave Anna the opportunity to meet with apprentices from across our business.

Amazing Apprenticeships is a leading organisation in the education sector, working with schools, colleges and employers. They help tackle misconceptions and promote the benefits of apprenticeships and technical education.

FCDO Services is helping to increase the number and diversity of young people entering STEM careers. As such, it was a delight to have Anna join us to discover more about what we do and our apprenticeships.

Mike Astell, FCDO Services CEO (shown right) welcomed Dr Anna Morrison CBE, Amazing Apprenticeships CEO (shown left) to Hanslope Park

It all began on a beautiful sunny morning…

Our jam-packed tour kicked off with a visit to the Secure Logistics area. Our Logistics Apprentices showed Anna around our facilities, while talking about their experience of working for us.

As one of the apprentices spoke, their enthusiastic passion for their role shone through: “At FCDO Services I’m empowered to do my work to the best of my ability, knowing I have support whenever I need it. It’s encouraging to be given so much responsibility and to know how much I’m trusted with my work.”

In their short time with us, the apprentices have worked in each Secure Logistics section and had in-depth training. This has given them valuable knowledge, experience and understanding of our vital operations.

The tour moved onto our Skills Workshop. Here our Broadcast and Communications Engineering Apprentices gave Anna a sneak peek into some of the work they do.

Our apprentices, trained to industry standards, use the space to learn and refine their skills in data comms. They explained to Anna what they were doing and why in a clear and confident manner, showing good communication skills as well as technical skills.

Within the workshop, we have mock rooms that represent different areas of an embassy. This level of practical training is vital for those who don’t know what an embassy is or might not have even been abroad before.

Anna’s last stop on the tour was to the National Authority for Counter-Eavesdropping, UK NACE. They showed her a mock ambassador’s office in their learning space where they train our Technical Security apprentices.

Technical security officers have a particularly rare skills set. So, our scheme enables apprentices to experience countering technical-espionage first hand. While also playing a key role in protecting the UK and its partners around the world.

Finding out about our apprenticeships

After the tour, a group of apprentices met with Anna to tell her what life is like on an FCDO Services’ apprenticeship. It was also a chance to discuss what we can do to attract even more candidates into our schemes.

Our Outreach Team currently work with schools and colleges in the local area, as well as attend national events online. We also promote our apprenticeship schemes each Spring.

FCDO Services are working to expand on these activities with further education institutions to inspire younger people to take up STEM subjects.

Finding out about our apprenticeships through a variety of channels has attracted candidates from different backgrounds, schools and industries. Our apprentices aren’t just for school leavers, but for career changers and returners too.

Discover more about our Apprenticeships today.

A welcoming place to work

After the visit Dr Anna Morrison CBE said:

Your colleagues were just so welcoming and friendly, honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been to a happier, more positive and collaborative organisation. The opportunities that FCDO Services offer through their apprenticeships are wide-ranging and exciting. I would really encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity to work within a forward-thinking, people-focussed and innovative organisation to visit the FCDO Services website in the future and find out more about their apprenticeships.”

At FCDO Services, we believe our apprenticeship schemes are just as valuable as academic studies.

Our work with Amazing Apprenticeships will help us improve our outreach activity. As well as, showcase and amplify the benefits of our schemes to a wider network.

FCDO Services look forward to working more closely with them to continue to grow and improve our apprenticeship schemes for generations to come. And we hope our apprentices will go on to have long and happy careers with us.

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