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Behind the curtain – Cabinet Secretary visits UK NACE

The Cabinet Secretary Simon Case visited the offices of UK NACE (the UK National Authority for Counter-Eavesdropping) at Hanslope Park, near Milton Keynes, at the end of last year. The aim was to explore how a key part of the Government Security Group protects the country against technical espionage and attacks.

Simon Case, who is the Head of the Civil Service, takes a keen interest in keeping civil servants and their work safe.

Recognising the different services

On the visit, he was able to see in-person some examples of eavesdropping ‘finds’ spanning the last seven decades.

His tour included an overview of some live operations and an opportunity to explore the training facilities for staff. He also received an update on the latest research and development programmes.

Simon Case told staff “I’m blown away by the things that are done at UK NACE and under the FCDO Services umbrella. There is a great sense of pride and mission from the people I’ve met in their different roles here. There are some absolutely remarkable things going on at Hanslope Park.”

The threats we face

UK NACE provides guidance and operational support to the UK government on technical security. It carries out research and development of new threats and countermeasure technologies.

Using the Understand, Detect and Protect methodology, they have invested in cutting edge research partnerships. This helps them better understand the next generation of technical threats that HMG will face.

Sir Simon Gass, Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee and Chair of the FCDO Services Board also introduced Simon Case to other areas of work conducted by FCDO Services. This included our Digital Sensitivity Review Service, HYDRA Programme and Secure Global Logistics operations.

Sir Simon said, “UK NACE works closely with the other two National Technical Authorities (NPSA and NCSC) to keep the UK safe. The team plays a critical role in protecting the nation against technical attacks. Their vital work rightly deserves recognition from the UK’s most senior civil servant.”

The Joint Intelligence Committee looks at both tactical and strategic issues of importance to national interests. Primarily this is in the fields of security, defence and foreign affairs.

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    UK NACE is the UK’s national authority in protecting technical security, providing guidance and operational support to the UK government and Friendly Foreign Governments.

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