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Digital records sensitivity review

We review your important documents for sensitive information, using security-cleared staff and the latest technology to improve both risk reduction and efficiency


  • Expert staff

    Experienced, security-cleared sensitivity reviewers

  • Advanced AI technology

    Cutting-edge system to support review of digital records

  • Bespoke

    Bespoke review and transfer service available to any UK government department

  • Minimum possible redactions

    Only essential details are redacted, maintaining transparency to the public

  • Established relationship

    Established relationship with The National Archives and the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives

  • All files reviewed

    Both paper and digital records reviewed

All UK government departments have to transfer important historical documents to The National Archives after 20 years. Before being made public, each record must be checked to make sure it does not contain information that is still sensitive.

We have a long history of reviewing Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) files, and then transferring them to The National Archives.

How digital sensitivity review works

Using our in-house digital assistance applications, our experienced reviewers can review digital files quickly and accurately. Our system combines the past decisions of human reviewers with advanced technologies to:

  • reduce the risk of human error by standardising repeatable business processes
  • accelerate many manual tasks
  • make it easier and faster for reviewers to find information

Our digital assistance applications continue to use a mixture of advanced technologies. This keeps them at the leading edge of sensitivity review technology. The system can also be adapted as needed as new technology develops.

We work with you to identify the types of files you need to review, and ensure that our AI system knows how to handle them.

By performing standardised tasks, the AI system allows reviewers to focus on the important part of their work: checking records are safe to be transferred to The National Archives.

Our service to you

We provide a bespoke review and transfer service for your historical records. We sensitivity review both paper and many digital record formats across all protective markings. We can transfer your records to The National Archives, managing the entire process.

All our reviewers are security cleared. They can identify a range of sensitivities, including:

  • diplomatic
  • intelligence related
  • military
  • royal
  • international relations
  • financial and economic
  • personal data under the Data Protection Acts

We also review historical documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Our team of reviewers are highly experienced at making sensitivity review decisions. Their recommendations mean that the minimum possible redactions are made within the law. This allows the highest possible degree of transparency for historians, the media and the public.

We have an established relationship with the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives (ACNRA) through the FCDO, and we understand their requirements. We also follow the full guidance from The National Archives on the selection and transfer of records.

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