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Advice on secure environments

Secure environments present unique problems. We use our decades of experience working in critical government spaces to help you solve these problems.

We’ll support you, whether you’re looking to identify security weaknesses, test the suitability of a new property or establish your requirements.

What do you need advice on?

Feasibility studies

The first step of any building project is to do a feasibility study. This can be a standalone commission but is usually followed by a client instruction to proceed to the next stage.

We produce a feasibility report, so you can understand:

  • how much the project is likely to cost
  • how long it’s likely to take
  • what the end result will look like (we usually outline 2 or 3 design options)
  • any special challenges or risks
  • the type of construction contract that should be used
  • the type of contractor who should carry out the works

The feasibility report will enable you to decide whether or not to proceed with the project. We discuss the options with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Vulnerability assessment

The first step in physical security is always an assessment, where we consider the types of attack your property is likely to face. These could include:

  • a blast or explosion outside the property
  • indirect fire
  • a hostile vehicle
  • hostile individuals getting inside the property

We then visit the property to understand whether it’s vulnerable to the attacks it’s likely to face. With this information, we create a risk profile to explain where the risks are, and recommend ways to reduce them.

In producing options, we take a multidisciplinary approach. Architects and engineers consider not only the security concerns, but the potential impact to staff in the property. We discuss the possible options with you to agree on a strategy that is practical and keeps people and assets safe.

As well as a vulnerability assessment, we can also provide a site appraisal for properties you are considering occupying. This ensures that you can include security concerns in your decision-making process.

Blast analysis

We analyse the potential impact of a blast or explosion on your property, whether it’s an existing structure or being designed. After assessing the likely types of blasts your property could face, we model their impact.

We model the impact of blasts in 2 ways:

  • traditional calculation methods
  • specialist software (for UK government only)

Once we know the damage that blasts could cause to the property, we also look at the impact on people and assets. We’ll then recommend a series of options to strengthen the structure and adjust the distribution of people and assets to keep them safe.

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