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Keeping your environments secure

Ensuring your property is safe, sustainable, fit for purpose, effectively managed and efficiently run


  • Wide range of expertise

    Inspections of all types of mechanical, electrical and technical systems in buildings

  • Close support

    Advice on how to make your buildings and systems comply with relevant regulations

  • Training

    Expert training to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to do the job

We provide advice and technical assistance on all aspects of estate and property management. Our global network of highly experienced, professionally qualified experts help you make the most of your assets – wherever in the world you’re based.

We have decades of experience managing the British government’s global estate. We also support several UK government departments, friendly foreign governments and other partners.

Our service to you

Our global network of building surveyors, engineers and environmental, health and safety specialists offer a wide range of technical services. We carry out regular scheduled inspections of British embassies, high commissions and consulates, and oversee all technical works. Our teams use this knowledge base of working on secure government buildings to give you the best support.

We recognise the importance of security in government spaces. All of our staff are security cleared, and understand the additional needs of secure government property. We have an in-house secure logistics service, which ensures that any equipment we transport to your property is safe.

Building and construction advice and compliance

Our building, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers offer expert assistance on all building and construction issues, including:

  • alteration
  • extension
  • maintenance

We also design and specify mechanical and electrical remedial works.

Health and safety

Our property compliance assessments assess the health and safety risks in your properties. We offer advice and support to ensure your buildings meet the relevant regulations.

We also develop and offer health and safety training courses for your staff, either on site or at regional training centres.

Property, gas and electrical inspections

We assess the condition of each element of your property and recommend when it should be refurbished, repaired or replaced.

We provide comprehensive electrical and gas inspection and testing assessments. We recommend on priority repairs and carry out minor on-site emergency repairs.

Fire risk assessments

Our comprehensive assessments include recommendations on fire prevention, detection, warning, evacuation and firefighting. We also assess the abilities and response of local emergency services.

High-voltage systems

We provide advice on operating, managing and maintaining high-voltage equipment.

Lift inspections

Our comprehensive lift inspection and testing assessments include recommendations on priority lift repairs and certification.

Asbestos surveys and removals

We survey your property for asbestos-containing materials, provide management plans and advise on or manage any removal works.

Public health and water hygiene services

We advise on issues such as mains and bore-hole water supply, bulk water storage, sanitation and drainage, and swimming pools. We also work with specialists on issues such as Legionella risk assessments.

Project management

We make sure your construction, security and IT projects are completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

Our professional experts effectively deal with a range of requirements, locations and sizes. Our project managers are embedded within our professional services teams, allowing them to develop pragmatic solutions.

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Cost management

Our whole-lifecycle service manages the costs of your project effectively. We have extensive experience in government procurement and delivering construction projects of all sizes worldwide.

Our highly qualified team can deal with all types of procurement and contracts. We’ll help you get the best value – from project kick off, through tender and procurement, to contract administration.

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