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Construction security

We ensure buildings are not compromised during their construction

We have decades of experience overseeing construction  at high risk UK Government sites, both in the UK and overseas.

Hostile agents can take advantage of the construction of a sensitive site to house secure assets. There is a risk that  eavesdropping systems and devices could be embedded into the fabric of the building, or security vulnerabilities could be introduced.

We provide technical security oversight of rising buildings or refurbishment programmes. Me make sure that a building is not technically compromised during preparation and construction through detailed observation and process.

What we do

  • Technical Security Vulnerability Assessments of project and site environment for potential of security compromise.
  • Perimeter & physical control management & audit of process of personnel with access to vulnerable areas.
  • Deploy active and passive technical protection of construction sites by CCTV, intruder detection and 24 hour radio monitoring, and additional technical countermeasures.
  • Scanning and inspection of materials and deliveries commensurate with risk.
  • Report incidents and observations which potentially compromise technical security and provide resolution and mitigation within constraints of timescale and value for money in project budget.
  • Work closely with Sponsor and Clerk of Works to facilitate the building schedule.
  • Initial Baseline and Final Technical Security inspections to compare and provide TSCM accreditation.
  • Certified Training programmes for Non-UK NACE Government officers in Technical Security Observation.

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