We constantly check for suspicious activity or increased risk to your technical security

We provide technical monitoring solutions to protect sensitive assets in secure environments, and enable mobile working at classified levels.

For more than 50 years, UK NACE has provided protective security Monitoring solutions for UK government departments. We work across the HMG estate both at home and overseas.

What we do

Live monitoring operations

We cover high profile or sensitive meetings and conferences.

In Place Monitoring System

From survey to installation, we commission and provision monitoring services in line with Service Level Agreements.

Radio Frequency (RF) Propagation surveys

Our surveys range from Wi-Fi coverage and RF penetration testing, to developing an environmental baseline.

Advice and consultation

We advise on best practice for secure environments, mobile working and enabling policy enforcement.

Research and development

We develop bespoke tooling and monitoring systems to provide cutting edge coverage and reporting capability.


We test and monitor TEMPEST.

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