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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Ensuring conversations and data processed in a certain area will not be intercepted, overhead or overlooked by others

TSCM inspections, also known as ‘sweeps’, are taken to identify technical security weaknesses.

Our qualified personnel detect the presence of surveillance devices. We look for technical security weaknesses, ensuring we maintain the integrity and security of conversations and data.

What we do

Physical security

Checking the boundaries of the space have the appropriate physical security measures in place.

Human behaviour

Checking users of a space are aware of and follow the processes and procedures put in place to maintain the technical security of the area or room, i.e. no mobile phones to be brought into spaces.

Physical search

Search of a space looking for suspicious items, places of concealment and indications of disturbance to the room’s physical environment. Checking the physical integrity of the furnishings and equipment.

Technical search

Search of a space looking for anomalies in the electromagnetic and acoustic environment, using active and passive equipment.


We provide reports on the vulnerabilities we find and make recommendations for mitigating corrections to bring the security of the facility up to the recommended standards as set by the Cabinet Office.


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  • Monitoring

    We constantly check for suspicious activity or increased risk to your technical security